No visit to Moss Landing is complete without stopping in the Antiques. The downtown area has 5 antique shops. One of the large antique shops features fine antique furniture, glass, jewelry and other collectibles. Americana folk art, paintings, and collectible pins can be found in another delightful Antiques shop. Small items are the specialty at another shop including Straffordshire and oriental china. There is a military collectible store with everything from pins to uniforms, and from swords to outdoor gear.

Cottage by the Sea -- All sorts of antiques and decor items for your own cottage with glassware, furnishings, jewelry, porcelain figures, limited edition plates, and all sorts of seaside collectibles (831)633-9960

Hamlin Antiques -- Paintings, Americana folk art, pins, and puppets. Large decorator items such as carousel horse and ship parts. (831)633-3664

J&S Surplus and Eagle Emblems -- Military collectibles, clothing to ribbons, tools to paintball, tents and camp gear. (831)724-0588

Collection on Display

The Shakespeare Society of America, a nonprofit, has a collection of memorabilia from the Globe Playhouse/Theatre in West Hollywood. This collection is on display in Moss Landing and includes: rare books, visual arts, sculptures, thespian pieces, costumes, and museum memorabilia.

You can request a directory from the Moss Landing Chamber of Commerce at (831)633-4501.

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